The Knights of Camelot


Arthur - fights things does the big speeches

Percival - lifts things

Gwaine - swishes hair much also brings the bants and casuual alcoholism

Elyan - gwen’s bro had that one episode with soggy ghosts n stuff also vague bad man back story

Lancelot- dies but does a rory. 

Leon - walks into rooms and announces things. Incapable of starting sentence without ‘my lord’ also wore a dress that one time 

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"friend": the first and last time.

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Merlin - I Dreamed a Dream

My contribution to the Merlin Cast Fest

For Favourite Role of Colin Morgan :)

Video can also be found on my Youtube  

And my Vimeo 

I hope you enjoy watching!

Music “I Dreamed a Dream” By Hayley Westenra

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M e r l i n c a s t f e s t: CM weekDay 1: Favourite Role (Jethro Cane)


M e r l i n c a s t f e s t: CM week
Day 1: Favourite Role (Jethro Cane)

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Merlin Episodes Download


I’m just going to leave these 65 Merlin episodes and links which take aprox 5-10 minutes to download here

Note: These do not belong to me, I found them whilst ‘exploring’ the internet.

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Anonymous said: i spend a lot of time thinking about colin's wrists, and all the bracelets he wears. he mostly wears black or brown leather tho he has beaded and woven ones as well. acc. to blacklapel, a leather bracelet answers the q "are you man enough to wear this?" and signals "refined masculinity," also is "a great way to express your inner rebel w/o going overboard." which i thought all describes colin so perfectly! like he's really a bad boy underneath all the cute, you know it's true! ;)

:) wow, you’ve done your research! I must admit that, with all the things I studied (for science) about or of Colin’s, I devoted very little time to his bracelets (shame on me!)
HOWEVER, I don’t need no Black Lapel telling me the obvious, I never suspected Colin of being a choirboy in his private life. It’s one of the things I like most about him.
I’ll take naughty every day and twice on Sunday!

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so i saw these on whisper

and was like - oh god that would make a great merthur au

and then i had the crippling realization that…

it’s not an au

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colin morgan (“This morning”)

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#hello my name is colin morgan and i could take over the world with chapstick commercials.   - rou

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