Say again, where didst thou leave these varlets?

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Merlin + smiling | requested by neinnonay

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Colin Morgan is Dragoon


Colin Morgan is Dragoon

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An Ode to the Insane Talent of Colin Morgan (Part One)


1. Nothing to Confess, May 2005.

Nothing to Confess (written by Iain Heggie) was one of ten different monologues recorded and shown in a unique presentation, collectively called I Confess. It was shown at The Arches Theatre in Glasgow in May of 2005.

This performance would have been recorded at the end of his first year at RSAMD (Royal Scottish Academy for Music and Drama, now known as Royal Conservatoire Scotland).

If you have never seen this performance, do yourself a favour and do so now:

His performance is stunning. You—as the priest listening to the confession of Colin’s fresh-faced, cheery character—must sit and listen as his tale takes a very sinister turn. It’s even more mind-blowing when you realize that Colin was only 19 years old at the time of this recording. (As a side note…how lovely is his accent here?)

Interesting to note that in this review of the play, Colin is the only actor that is mentioned by name. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

For those of you that might want a transcript to better follow along with Colin and his wee Irish accent, you can find that here:

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Filming his own smile (x).

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Multiple The Tempest Links (stream/download)

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Now with an updated filedrive link and a new link to youtube. 

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this is it this is the story of how I die

#his mouth tho? #is that even legal? (via

idk know tho? are perfectly shaped heart lips even legal? I don’t know this hasn’t happened before

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all i’ve ever wanted is colin morgan in a crop top

Will you take him in a slightly too short pink striped top and rolled up pink pants with a crotch-emphasizing waist pack instead?

image image

(c) merlex71

That is exactly the outfit I was thinking of.


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♠ Colin Morgan ○ Random Pictures [1/?]

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From when I was really young one of the first things I did was to perform and do shows. It was like a natural instinct.

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