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Would I rather be feared or loved? Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
Arthur Pendragon, His Father’s Son (via totallycorrectmerlinquotes)
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                            ( both laugh )
Bradley James : 
Definitely Colin. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.
Colin Morgan : (chuckles) Yeah… yeah. I’ll have to agree with that in case you boss me around.  
                             ( both laugh )
Bradley James : I think like even if I’d never bossed around anyone ever before, ever, I think it would still be me because Colin is quite saintly in his behavior .. uhm I think he could make y’know Mother Teresa look like a product of the devil. (Colin chuckles) So that’s easily me for that. In fact, ask any negative question in terms of who is this or that, who does this the most, the answer will be me, I would have thought.
Colin Morgan : I’ll always thank you for that reference to Mother Teresa. Thanks a lot, Bradley.
Bradley James : No worries. She still looks up to you, Col, for your saintliness.

Conference call with Bradley James & Colin Morgan (audio)
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this leg made ​​my day!

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Colin Morgan 3/100

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this was a thing that happened

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This will be all over soon.
Pour salt into the open wound.

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My place is upon field of battle.As mine is forever by your side. [x]

My place is upon field of battle.
As mine is forever by your side. [x]

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This is it, our grand finale. We finish off our incredible fest with cast week. It will focus on the cast as a family and remind us of why we’re still so wonderfully loyal to this group of people.

However, before we tell you more about the week ahead, we’d like to thank each and every one of you who have participated and supported this fest. It has been so wonderful to see all of your lovely work. So again, thank you.

Now on to the boring bits. Tomorrow, 29th September, shall mark the beginning of the cast week. The prompt is favourite cast member but this does not include the main four, of which we have celebrated in the past four weeks. 

The rest of the week shall look like this: 

Day 1 (29th Sept)

  • Favourite Cast Member (not incl. main 4)

Day 2 (30th Sept): 

  • Favourite Guest Star

Day 3 (1st Oct): 

  • Favourite Friendship

Day 4 (2nd Oct): 

  • Favourite Cast Event

Day 5 (3rd Oct): 

  • Favourite Cast Interview

Day 6 (4th Oct): 

  • Favourite Cast Moment

Day 7 (5th Oct): 

  • Creator’s Choice

REMEMBERTo tag all your work with the following #merlincastfest, within the first five tags of that post, thank you!

If you have any queries, do not be afraid to contact us in our askbox. 

We accept any form of work for the fest. Fanfictions, fanmixes, videos, graphics, gifs. You name it, we accept it. However, we do not condone reposts of other people’s work. This will not be tolerated.


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Parked (1/2)

In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood, for I’d lost the true path. And so, we came forth and once again beheld the stars…

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